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Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich 1774-1824

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Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich 1774-1824

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich 1774-1824
“... Ismeria remained barren for some eighteen years. When she again became pregnant by God’s blessing, I saw that Ismeria was given a revelation at night. She saw an angel beside her bed writing a letter on the wall. It seems to me that it was again that letter M. Ismeria told her husband of it; he also had seen it in his sleep, but now, while awake, they both saw the sign on the wall. After three months Ismeria gave birth to St Anne, who came into the world with that sign on her body.
In her fifth year Anna was, like Our Lady, taken to the school of the Temple, where she remained twelve years. She was brought home again in her seventeenth year...”
Page 18
The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary by
Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich
“Anne Catherine Emmerich was told by Our Lord that her gift of seeing the past, present, and future in mystic vision was greater than that possessed by anyone else in history. Born at Flamschen, Westphalia, Germany, on September 8, 1774, she became a nun of the Augustinian Order at Dulmen... From 1802 until her death, she bore the wounds of the Crown of Thorns, and from 1812, the full stigmata of Our Lord, including a cross over her heart and the wound from the lance... Clemens Brentano, a poet, a man of extensive learning and experience, and the literary darling of Europe at that time, went to see Anne Catherine Emmerich on a challenge and never left; rather he returned to the faith and spent the rest of his life transcribing her revelations and preparing them for publication...”
From The Life and Revelations of
Anne Catherine Emmerich
By Carl Schmoger, CSSR
We were always told, actually warned, in school and the seminary, about private revelations. Warned that some “spiritually immature” people would place them above the 4 Gospels and Scripture in general. But also told that we could read them as you would any spiritual writing, life of a saint, theological work, or novel of the Life of Christ etc... as long as you knew these were not the same as Scripture. Some very holy people like the “father of modern poetry,” Gerard Manley Hopkins, have found the revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich to be a most rewarding source for prayer. As we get closer to Advent I offer this icon of a holy woman to you; an image of her being instructed by the Holy Child Jesus, symbolic of the narratives she was given about the first Advent and the Infancy of “... this child destined for the fall and rising of many...” Luke 2:34. Blessed Anne died at age 49 on 9 February 1824 in Dulmen, Germany.
She was beatified 3 October 2004
by St John Paul II
Dear Blessed Anne
Help us to see into the life of Our Savior
not so much with the gifts you were given, but
with the devotion and love for His Life; a gift available to us all. Then help us take this Light, this beautiful Infant, into a world that daily, expresses its sorrow, tragedies, fear, depression and darkness.
We were all born purposely at this time, for this time, to be Lights. So dear friend, intercede for us to have the zeal and courage to bring all our gifts into the world, especially during this coming season of Advent 2019.
Fr Bill McNichols
18 November, feast of Philippine Duchesne